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I'm Michael Barron. Alaska is my home. I grew up on a homestead in the Big Lake area of the Matanuska Valley. My wife, Kathy and I homesteaded on the Tokositna River. Not far from where this photograph of Mt.McKinley was taken. That property is now in Denali National Park.

I've been lucky to have been able to earn my livelihood flying float planes and driving riverboats. However my real passion is photography. Photography is the best way that I have found to share my Alaska with others. I find beauty in all of God's Creation. The scenic grandeur of the Alaskan Wilderness, it's wildlife and the allure of it's women.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please leave a comment in our guest book and you will be entered for our drawing! If you have any questions about Alaska or photography send us an e-mail.

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"Wager with the Wind"  Is the story of Don Sheldon. A friend of mine and a pioneer pilot on Mt.McKinley. The music of  "Jewel" from Homer, Alaska is some of my favorites. Both are are easy to order at Amazon!                 

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